Price is for One Pair (2 pcs)  

    Technical Specifications

    • Full Analog Design

    • Complete FQ-Crossover with Phase-shift- and Frequency-response Correction

    • Frequency Response linear 25Hz - 35KHz +- 2dB

    • 500VA Power-supply -fully linear- for lowest noise

    • 220 rms Power-Amp for LF - Driver

    • 120 rms Power-Amp for MF - Driver

    • 120 rms Power-Amp for HF - Driver

    • Ultra Low Noise -115dB to -120dB (unweight)

    • Ultra Low Distortion THD <0.02% @ Full Rated Power

    • XLR Balanced Input with Ground Lift for Pin1

    • OV can also be lifted from Earth Ground

    • Full Transformer Input

    • Real Wood Veneer made to customer specification (inquire for details)

    • Speaker Mounts: mirror polished Stainless Steel

    • Ultra High Quality Drivers

    • Highest Quality Components

    • 0,264 Farad buffer cap's for Power Amps (264000 uf)

    • Loudspeaker Overload-protection - optional

    • Big heat sink for continuous operation at Full Level

    • Integrated mount and optional U-bracket

    • LF cut, LF boost, HF cut, and Max Volume are user adjustable on back

    • Base: MDF 3/4"

    • Box Style: closed box

    • max.SPL: 114dB 1 Meter (3.3 Feet)

    • 5 year manufacture warranty (Except drivers - Please see Warranty for details)

    • Dimension: H x D x W: 25.5" x 13.5" x 12.5"

    • Weight: 76 lbs (pounds) / 34.5 Kg

    • AC supply: 110VAC - 240VAC 50Hz/60Hz Single Phase 500VA

    • 30VA to 45VA Standby Power-consumption


    IRT Institut fuer Rundfunktechnik

    Technische Richtlinie 3/1-8/2Allgemeine Richtlinien für Entwicklung, Fertigung und Lieferung von Studiogeräten, -systemen und -anlagen der Tonfrequenz- und Videofrequenztechnik(Datum: Oktober 2001)

    We are currently evaluating the Titan 300x for compliance with 

    Technische Richtlinie 3/5

    Audiosysteme für Produktion und Sendung (Datum: März 2013)

    for more information please click on the link above. It will get you to the English IRT Web Site.

    The Pictures above are of an actual set of Monitors, which we delivered in 2008 to King Street Recording Studios in Honolulu, Hawaii.The veneer is real Padauk (1/8" thick) with polyurethane finish. We can finish monitors in almost any wood available.

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Titan 300x Active Midfield Studio Reference Monitor

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