Prinz von Bluecher 200 MK II RIAA Studio Phono Preamp

Technical Specs:

Equalization characteristics:
75/318/3180/us mono and stereo 
DIN 45 536 /37 NAB, RIAA 

Input Level:    4 mV @ 1 KHz

Input Impedance:  47 KOhm / 470pF 
Unit is optimized for Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet Cartridge, which we recommend and is INCLUDED with the PreAmp, for absolute best results (see Note at the end).

Output :
Unbalanced RCA

Output Level:
Standard Operating Level: +6dBu (1.55V) @ impedance 200 ohms
Maximum Output Level: + 15 db (4.4 V) @ impedance 200 ohms
Output is protected against shorting
OPL is adjustable with internal trim trimmer potentiometer 

Harmonic distortion (full load):
40 Hz less than .1 % 
from 200 Hz to 20KHz less than .04 %

Intermodulation distortion (Full load):

Test Frequencies 50 Hz and 4 KHz better than 0.1 % voltage ratio 4 : 1 
(average value .3 %)

Overall Gain:
60.82 dB or 1100

Signal to Noise Ratio with Cartridge:
-86dBu (unweighted)
-95dBu (weighted ITU-R 468)

Channel Separation:
Better then 100dB

Frequency Response:

30 Hz to 20 KHz  +/- 1.5 dB 
tested with Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge (included) and CBS Laboratories ‎– STR 100 Test Record

Power Supply:
External +24 VDC / 100 mA Output - 100 VAC to 130 VAC Input (US and Export)
External +24 VDC / 100 mA Output - 200 VAC to 240VAC Input (Export)


Standard 5 year Limited Warranty

This Studio Preamp was optimized for the Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet Cartridge and the Prinz von Bluecher 200 MKII will be shipped with one OM 5E Cartridge, a Ortofon Protractor and a Ortofon Balance-type stylus gauge so you can properly setup your turntable. TitanAudio Ltd. is a Authorized Ortofon Dealer. A upgrade to the Super OM 10 is available as well as the extra cartridges OM D25M (Mono Microgroove) and OM 78 (Mono 78 records).
Other Ortofon Cartridges, like any of the Super OM or OMB Series etc. will work fine, but may not yield the exact same results.

You can purchase the Ortofon OM D25M and OM 78 at a discounted retail price and use them with additional Headshells, so you can interchange cratridges for different records i.e Stereo and Mono Microgroove or Mono 78 records.

The two primary Headshell styles are:


However this unit will not work with Moving Coil Cartridges.

We are working on a Moving Coil Cartridge Studio Phono Pre Amp which should be available sometime in 2016 and will be optimized for the Ortofon Quintet Blue Moving Coil Cartridge.

Other Moving Magnet Cartridges like Shure etc which have to have a 47 KOhm Impedance will work with this Studio Phono Preamp, but the results may not be satisfactory or comparable as with the Ortofon Om 5E Moving Magnet Cartridge.

For instructions on how to use the Scale or the Protractor please check out these links:

How to use a Ortofon Cartridge Protractor

How to use a Ortofon Stylus Tracking Force Gauge Scale Tool

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RIAA Phono PreAmp Prinz von Bluecher 200 MKII for Studio, Broadcast and HIFI

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